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    Par défaut Ranger buff is coming !


    Basic AP at Level 60 has increased by 9.
    - PvE damage has increased as well.
    - In order to keep PvP damage the same as before, PvP damage has increased by 2.8%.

    Absolute: Evasive Shot will consume 100 stamina.

    Aerial Evasive Shot will consume stamina in accordance with the skill’s rank.

    Ultimate/SP/Absolute Charging Wind will have a skill cooldown.
    - Ultimate/SP/Absolute Charging Wind will have Forward Guard when off cooldown.

    You can now use Blasting Gust via entering additional key commands using Ultimate: Evasive Shot.
    Press Q+W or Q+S while having Ultimate: Evasive Shot, and you will be able to use forward/backward Blasting Gust quickly.
    - Blasting Gust used with the above commands will Knock Down enemies in PvP as well. (not available during cooldown.)

    You can now use Ultimate: Descending Current by holding LMB after Descending Current.

    Range of the following skills has increased.
    - Tearing Arrow, Charging Wind, Pinpoint, Evasive Shot, Bow Skill, Razor Wind

    Fixed an issue where the falling animation occurred when using Flow: Rushing Wind after Vine Knot.

    Graphics of Nature’s Tremble and Regeneration were adjusted to match the skills’ actual AoE.

    Fixed an issue where the target’s location was abnormal when the target was hit by Spirit’s Shackles.

    Skill effect of Breezy Blade has changed.
    - Invincible while moving > Invincible before attacking

    Source : https://www.invenglobal.com/articles...-other-changes

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    Par défaut Re : Ranger buff is coming !

    En gros on va tirer plus de flèches.

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    Par défaut Re : Ranger buff is coming !

    Go nerf lol

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    Par défaut Re : Ranger buff is coming !

    Plusieurs buffs ranger(buff sur les spells non-awakening) et on dit que c'est op ...

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    Par défaut Re : Ranger buff is coming !

    rassure toi ! sur les autres classe les buff seront plus op

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