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    Post WAR - Patchnotes 29/12/16

    [Open RvR]


    Battlefield Objectives

    The contested and lock timers for Battlefield Objectives are now based on population distribution history for both realms:

    Objectives that were taken by zerging will have high contested timers and short lock timers. This effect is mitigated if the attacking zerg was necessitated by a defending zerg.
    Objectives that were overdefended, or that lacked defense, will have short contested timers and high lock timers.
    The sweet spot for both attack and defense of an objective is using 20% of your realm's forces.

    The existing effect of AAO on lock timers remains.

    Victory Points

    The green and yellow bars at the top right of the UI no longer represent reward scale. Instead, they represent control of the area. The yellow bar represents your realm, and the green bar represents the enemy.

    The bars shift as you gain Victory Points, which come from having overall control of the current zone's Battlefield Objectives. Controlling 3 objectives shifts at normal rate and controlling 4 shifts twice as fast.

    The maximum shift is determined by your control of Battlefield Objectives and Keeps:

    Base maximum: 50%
    3 objectives held: +15%
    4 objectives held: +30% instead of +15%
    Enemy keep held:: +35%

    A zone locks when one realm reaches 100 Victory Points, and Victory Points also scale the value of supplies.


    A fallen keep will be controlled by the enemy for a minimum of 45 minutes, and will remain controlled as long as the enemy controls more than half of the Victory Points in a zone.

    A keep can support 25% of the attacking force's total numbers as defenders at rank 0, and can support an additional 15% per rank attained. If this limit is exceeded, Diminishing Rations applies.

    [Map Changes]


    Fixed PQ areas for Black Crag


    Eataine HighElf
    - Corrected Wildwood Coast and Vale of the Dawn. Maps unlock properly and respawns are correct.

    T1 DvG
    - Updated the size of almost every PQ in both Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn.
    - Fixed the chapter area around Ironclaw Camp so the PQ tracker shows throughout.

    T2 Dwarf
    - Fixed Ch5 Rallymaster Durrig Olfrinson. Influence rewards may now be taken.

    [Public Quests]


    - Ambush Pass in Kadrin Valley (T4 Chapter 15) is fully operational.
    - Evil Axis in Kadrin Valley (T4 Chapter 15) is fully operational.
    - Plague Mist Vale in Kadrin Valley (T4 Chapter 15) is fully operational.
    - Gates of Grung Grimaz in Kadrin Valley (T4 Chapter 16) is fully operational (go and check a surprise boss in last stage ).
    - Night Riders in Kadrin Valley (T4 Chapter 16) is fully operational.
    - Red with Envy in Thunder Mountain is fully operational.
    - Ankul Grob in Thunder Mountain is fully operational.
    - Emberlight Mine in Cinderfall is fully operational.


    - Devised a method to enable dual-faction PQ's that are commonly found in Dwarf/Greenskin areas. Only your faction PQ tracker will show at these PQ's, and they will advance independently of each other.
    - Kron Komar Gap has been implemented.

    [Other Changes]


    - Fixed an issue causing the Ironbreaker skill Earthshatter not to work consistently.


    - Dread Knights are now mounted on Cold Ones!
    - Dread Knight Kulthans are now mounted on Cold Ones!
    - Removed some wild Cold Ones from Kadrin Valley
    - Changed faction of Cold Ones in Kadrin Valley
    - Bloody Sun Boar Boys now have boars!
    - Bloody Sun Boar Doctas now have boars!
    - Low Boss Brung now have boar!
    - Uthorin Outriders now ride horses instead of Cold Ones!
    - Uthorin Sentries are now mounted on Cold Ones!


    Removed dozens of squig double spawns in Black Crag


    - Corrected stats on ~750 Green items from R2 to R9
    - Corrected stats on ~430 Blue items from R2 to R9
    - Corrected stats on ~75 Purple items from R2 to R5

    [Addressed Tickets]


    -[8650] Fixed the PQ so its now doable, will revisit if I can figure out when/how the bubbles are supposed to be there
    -[8649] Added more gobbos to stage 1, the pq was underpopulated.
    -[8513] The gobbos have been starved for some time now, they should be weaker now.
    -[2801] Fixed the "inkblob" on the map for the quest Eaten Away


    - [8703] NPC: Ambassadors in Altdorf are now appropriated to their King's race.
    - [8695] ToK: 'Handy Dandy' unlock and title available through Library/Disciple's Assistant work-around.
    - [8693] ToK: 'Rhya' is now obtainable.

    Source: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/fo...495cf1672dde8b
    Dernière modification de Anio, 29/12/2016 à 21h03
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