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    Par défaut WAR - Patch note du 18/11/16 N°2


    [Combat and Careers]


    Divine Fury, Fanaticism and Murderous Intent will also reduce the healing output of lifesteal skills.

    Neither experimental DoK/WP nor experimental AM/Shaman were designed around this being the case, and AM/Shaman mechanic lifesteals are already reduced as they don't have the Raw type.

    Will be reverted. Committing to mode lockout instead.

    Disciple of Khaine

    The M2 group cleanse "Khaine's Withdrawal" will no longer cleanse the Curse type.

    This ability being too strong notwithstanding, Disciple of Khaine having the ability to break its own cleanse weakness (Curse) is part of what enables double and triple DoK to work.

    [Experimental Mode]

    Prayer of Righteousness / Covenant of Celerity

    Entering or leaving Covenent of Celerity and Prayer of Righteousness once again triggers a 30 second cooldown.

    Will be reverted. Committing to mode lockout instead.

    Entering or leaving CoC or PoR also removes all action points.

    Prayer of Devotion / Covenant of Vitality

    All damage inflicted is halved, instead of only on certain skills.
    The cooldown for the granted AoE detaunt increases to 25 seconds.
    The healing done by Sigmar's Radiance and Transfer Essence is 350% of damage dealt and mitigated, down from 550% (avg with tactic slotted: 600-700)

    Without yet having the ability to reintroduce Divine Strike and Consume Essence, this is the best I can do with S'R and TE.

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