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    Par défaut WAR - Patch note du 14/11/16


    Open RvR


    The time between the last return of supplies to a keep and the start of that keep's decay is now based on the keep rank. Higher ranks have shorter timers.

    The respawn rate for wall siege weapons is now 25 minutes, minus 3 for every rank the keep has. It was previously 8 minutes. This is mostly because of the change to the artillery damage check.

    Warcamp Returns

    A supply return flag now exists outside of Tier 4 warcamps. Supplies returned here will have a 35% transportation penalty applied to their value.

    Siege Weapons

    All siege weapons reduce move speed by 10% instead of 20%.

    Cannons and artillery no longer fire more slowly as the keep rank decays. Instead, they will simply inflict less damage if there are more siege weapons of that class active than the current rank can support, due to ammunition shortages.


    Rams now take twice as much damage from melee.


    Artillery fire will take an additional second to land.

    The damage check for artillery is now the following:

    400 * (1 + Pow((Min(foesIn60ftRange, 60) / 36), 3))

    In other words, the damage inflicted by an artillery weapon within its 40 foot radius of attack is exponential based on the number of players within 60 feet of the strike point. Example damage output:

    1 player: 400 damage
    6 players: 401 damage
    12 players: 414 damage
    24 players: 518 damage
    36 players: 800 damage
    48 players: 1348 damage
    60 players: 2250 damage

    This should restore the severe punish factor against zerg while immunizing warband scale play and below.

    This damage is still increased or reduced by AAO.
    Dernière modification de Strykhe, 14/11/2016 à 22h34

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