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    Guilde - Team

    Par défaut WAR - Patch note du 31/10/16


    - Fixed an issue causing pets to slow down instead of speeding up when the master was mounted.
    - The MDPS Morale 3 "Broad Swings" will no longer trigger on damage issued from an AoE skill, which would cause the same target to take damage multiple times from the AoE ability.



    -Fixed T1 Live Event quest: Graver Robbers is now takable
    -The Undead March quest line is now functional.
    -Added Questmarkers for unique elements of repeatable quests.
    -Additional flavour text to quests and Mission objectives.


    - Added a Matchlock of the Dead for Witch Hunters.
    - Made a double variant for 'of the Dead' Witch Elf knives, so they can be worn on right-hand only slotted daggers.

    [Open RvR - Tier 2-4]

    - The base lock timer for a Battlefield Objective will be 5 minutes instead of 10.
    - A zone will fall when the keep is lost, rather than leaving the losing realm with no means of progression.

    The above two changes are from 1.4.x.

    - A battlefront will become the active battlefront when 2 objectives have been captured. The remaining 2 objectives will be allocated such that each realm holds 2 objectives each, and these objectives will then lock for 8 minutes, with supplies spawning 0 to 2 minutes after the lock ends. This is to allow both realms time to set up in the zone.
    - Supplies will spawn 2.25 minutes after a BO changes realm, and respawn 4 minutes after being successfully returned, instead of 5 minutes in both cases.
    - Battlefield Objectives will no longer incorrectly broadcast taken messages when supply state changes.
    - Keep Rank 3 requires 3 warbands to reach rather than 4.
    - Updated contribution and reward mechanics further for changes introduced in the last big patch.
    - Rank 0 keeps now have a materiel allowance of a single artillery piece, rather than nothing.
    - Keeps have natural, static siege spawns at the tower points on their walls. These items respawn 8 minutes after being destroyed.
    - Cannon inflict 60% less damage to doors.
    - The keep will issue warnings for door under attack in the following cases:

    Keep status changes from safe to outer under attack and from outer under attack to inner under attack
    Door HP 75%
    Door HP 50%
    Door HP 20%
    Door destroyed

    - Because the RvR tracker doesn't seem to allow resources to be removed, keeps will now warn both realms when their upkeep is not being met.
    - Messages for palisades will no longer be broadcast, as they are not yet implemented.
    - Players can no longer force a postern while carrying or towing siege.

    [Public Quests]


    - Neborhest's Vanguard in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - The Tower of Neborhest in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - The Tree of Beards in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - Legacy of the Mourkain in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.

    [Other Changes]


    - Made all 'Rats' untargetable.
    - Made all Gnawbone's lair items Bind on Pickup.
    - Added a ghostly appearance to all the Souls in the Inevitable City.
    - Re-arranged some Dread Sentries and Souls in the Inevitable City.
    - Removed the names above Watchers in the Inevitable City.
    - Moved the AoE cannons for both sides in the Mourkain Temple scenario, seeing if this somewhat nerfed range prevents AoE blasting on the platforms.
    If further testing and exploitation of the deathball by holding it at your own spawn proves these cannons are too powerful, more changes will be made.

    Source: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/fo...p?f=42&t=18072
    Dernière modification de Anio, 31/10/2016 à 17h04

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    Guilde - Team
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    Par défaut Re : War - Patch note du 31/10/16

    Keep status changes from safe to outer under attack and from outer under attack to inner under attack
    Door HP 75%
    Door HP 50%
    Door HP 20%
    Door destroyed
    C'est de pire en pire..

    Ils veulent pas mettre une alerte à chaque % en moins, aussi ?
    Sérieux.. C'est quoi, leur plan de mettre autant d'alerte, sachant que tu ne peux attaquer qu'un fort à la fois, sur une zone à la fois ?

    Qu'ils s'occupent de truc plus important que de toucher à ça, sérieux. C'est la merde depuis qu'ils essayent d'arranger les choses sur les mécaniques de lock de zone..
    Life is a Game !

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