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    Par défaut WAR - Patchnotes du 12/10/16


    With the aid of Londo's analysis of the client's ability tables, we have determined the true nature of the AoE radius check in Warhammer, and Return of Reckoning's version is too wide. The actual AoE radius in live was 10ft shorter on all abilities. This is because the actual radius stored in the ability tables is the listed tooltip radius minus 10ft, and the extra 10ft represent the base radii of the target and caster of an ability, presumably to allow radius abilities to target find correctly when cast by or against creatures of larger size than normal. RoR's radius check will now match AoR's.

    The following abilities with a listed tooltip radius of 10ft (i.e. 0 radius in the tables) were discovered at the same time to be displaying incorrect information on the tooltip due to errors in the client's ability table construction:

    - Devour Essence (DoK) - true range 30ft
    - KABOOM! (Squig Herder) - true range 30ft
    - Divine Amazement (WP) - true range 30ft
    - Fireball Barrage (BW) - true range 20ft
    - Waves of Chaos (Zealot) - true range 30ft

    The radius of the above five abilities has been increased from 10 feet to the correct value. Devour Essence, KABOOM! and Divine Amazement thus receive an extra 10ft of range even after correction of the range check. Waves of Chaos was already 30ft on RoR.

    This also explains a discrepancy in the listed cast range and listed AoE radius of Chaotic Rift and Electromagnet, in which the pull radius exceeded the cast range by 10 feet. These abilities have had their radii increased and will not be affected by this patch.

    - The quest limit is now 60.

    - Fixed an issue in which the pet skills on the pet bar would not correctly update when changed. (Hotfix)


    Fixed an issue causing the Engineer ability "Redeploy" and the Magus ability "Resummon" to fail to move the pet on the client.

    [Experimental Mode]

    Archmage/Shaman Experimental Changes

    - Energy of Vaul and Fury of Da Green will now additionally heal the group for 300 health per target affected by the AoE.
    - Increased the radius of these abilities by 10ft to compensate for the AoE range fix.
    Source: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/fo...p?f=42&t=17634

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