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    Par défaut WAR - Patchnotes du 09/10/16


    The server will now save the currently active zones for the T4 campaign. If the server is restarted, the realms will each own one keep in the zone and none of the BOs.

    [Balance changes]

    Knight of the Blazing Sun

    The tactic "Destroy Confidence" is no longer available. We have no replacement for it at this time.

    [Experimental Mode]

    Experimental mode is now saved for a character when you log out.

    Archmage/Shaman Experimental Mode Changes

    Penalty for self lifetaps removed.
    Empowered Balance Essence and I'll Take That now heal for 150% of their base damage (total of 450 at rank 40) plus 150% of damage actually dealt, instead of 350% of damage actually dealt.
    Empowered Fury of Da Green and Energy of Vaul heal the group.

    Engineer/Magus Experimental Mode Changes

    Unshakable Focus will no longer stack with Improvised Upgrades.
    Unshakable Focus only provides a 75% bonus. This means that the damage with UF (175%) is only 25% more than the damage without UF and with full stacks (140%), and significantly less than the 70% more that it was before.
    Cut the range bonus from the mechanic from 50% to 30%.

    [Other Changes]


    - [7976] Quest: Faith is Madness quest marker added.
    - [7977] Quest: Clearing The Way objective removed, quest continuity fixed.
    - [7989] Quest: The Sport of Princes quest line fixed.
    - [8006] Item: Hallcrash Claymore is now two-handed.
    - [8010] ToK: Kill 10,000 Dark Elves now awards the correct ToK unlock.

    Other changes

    - Made the quests Spirit of the Dragon unrepeatable due to the low kill count nature and ability to be completed anywhere for 1.60 gold.
    - Altered the rewards for 'Stompin' Stunties' killcount quests in TM/BC/KV, to each give 74 silver and 88 brass upon completion.


    Lair of Tezakk Gnawbone fully functional.
    Lair of the Fleshrender fully functional.

    Source: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/fo...p?f=42&t=17548

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    Par défaut Re : War - Patchnotes 09/10/16

    Cool un truc en moins sur le CSF. Au moins comme ça on enlevera plus 3 buffs d'un coup mais juste 1 avec le skill

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