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    Par défaut WAR - Changelog du 05/09/2016

    [RvR Campaign]


    - Keep Lord Cleave ability has a slightly smaller arc and is now physical damage.


    - Moved the RvR Lake in Eataine, so Order Players that respawn will not get flagged for RvR any longer. Sidenote: Going to rework all tier 4 Areas with a more precise technique in the following patches.
    - Removed Invis walls in Nordland near the Destro warcamp and placed a high level Guard instead - for Order players that like to shoot into the warcamp.


    - Battle Fatigue and Healers have been enabled.
    - Battlefield Objectives now correctly warn when under attack or flipped when not in their Neutral state.
    - Fixed an issue causing keep doors to be irregularly attackable.
    - Reworked the RvR battlefront handlers behind the scenes in preparation for some further work. There may be bugs.
    - Fixed an issue causing players to appear as first on the gold chest scoreboard if they were not in the top 24.
    - The server will now kick with a message instead of issuing a world server disconnect if a player keeps his client open during a full server patch and attempts to access his characters upon the restart.


    - Altered the guards and keep lords in Kadrin Valley, Thunder Mountain and Black Crag.
    * Badmoon Hole is now infested by Night Goblins and a crazed Orc Shaman, Ironskin Skar is under garrison of a tribe of Savage Orcs and their half-witted Orc Warboss Moogz, while Bloodfist Rock is still under control of the ferocious Orc commander Kopfkrusha, who had a change of guards.
    * Karaz Drengi is under leadership of the Slayer Grelan Dragon-Tamer and his band of loyal Slayers, Kazad Dammaz remains under control of Kolbjorn Ironcleave, who had his own armor and bodyguards improved, and Borgo Thunderfist is now a Master Engineer holding watch over Karak Karag, alongside his improved garrison.



    The Eternal Citadel Scenario
    -When player is punted into abyss there is 50% chance to trigger "Winds of Change".
    -When "Wings of Change" is in affect there is 50% chance punted target is catapulted back from abyss and 50% punter is sucked into abyss.

    [Other changes]


    - Added blue and purple item drops to PVE.


    - Added the 'Stirring Up Trouble' Pursuit achievements.
    - Removed XP reward for all repeatable dye quests.
    - Removed the talismans slots of all jewel items.

    [Addressed tickets]


    [6701] Added missing talisman slot to Bandolier of Thunder
    [6700] Corrected stats for Fangbreaker Hat and Alcadizaar's Hat.
    [6649] Hoarfrost is supposed to be one of the Sacellum Bosses. Removed the spawn, corrected his Model ID and made him a hero.
    [6653] Removed this NPC.
    [7551] Players can't take the shortcut to Tezakk's Lair anymore.
    [7532] Added missing talisman slot to WL tier 2 influence reward.
    [7240] Removed this Doublespawn.
    [7216] Changed Questobjective to "win nordenwatch scenario".


    - [7505] World: Repeater Bolt Throwers at the Dark Elf Warcamp in Dragonwake are now gameobjects instead of useable siege.
    - [7516] Quest: The Heart of Battle can now be completed.
    - [7571] Quest: T2 killquest 'The Day Is Ours' is now repeatable.
    - [7617] Quest: Bait an' Bash! objective fixed.
    - [684] NPC: Eagle Claw is now a stationary siege weapon.
    - [7615] NPC: Irontoe Mine Guard subtype fixed.
    - [7612] NPC: Ravenous Boars are now friendly to Destruction.
    - [7506] NPC: Coldsnap has been fully restored to his former Stone Troll nature, whereas the Yhetee duplicate had the tome unlock 'It's a Snap' removed.
    - [7548] NPC: Removed a bugged Gun Turret in Eataine.
    - [7556] NPC: Bosswald Griev now counts as a member of the Empire.
    - [7550] NPC: Added the full item drop list to Tezakk Gnawbone.
    - [7604] NPC: Engineer double spawn in Praag removed.
    - [7603] NPC: Removed the Empire Courier at the Beast of War PQ.
    - [7606] NPC: Fixed a triple spawn for Nezih Deathtalon.
    - [7608] NPC: Removed a quadruple spawn for Arnst.
    - [7588] Item: Fixed the cost of Shinsteels of the Mercenary.
    - [7504] Item: Added Intelligence instead of Weaponskill to Clogs of Mayhem.
    - [7572] Item: Casque of the Banisher appearance fixed.
    - [7574] Item: Enervating Warp Pendant is no longer Bind on Equip.
    - [7549] Item(s): All Ravack's Cloaks have their correct fur appearance now.
    - [7529] Item(s): All Ironmane and Lookout T1 Dwarf RvR boots stats fixed.
    - [7578] Item(s): All Ironmane and Lookout T1 Dwarf RvR items talisman slots added.
    - [7560] Item(s): All of Grief and Khaine's Altar T1 Elf RvR armor and weapons talisman slots added.

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