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    Guilde - Team

    Par défaut WAR - Changelog du 27/06/16

    We took the opportunity to patch while the servers were dead. Here's what's new:

    [Anniversary event]

    The second year anniversary event has been extended by a week. Order now has a follow-up quest after the Slayer Chronicles Ending that allows them to pick up the cape, if they missed it the first time around. The dye quests in T1, T2 and T3 should now be repeatable and have no issues being completed. The gameobjects for both T4 event quests may continue being bugged; wait until a restart to attempt investigating the Dig Site or recovering the Slayer Heirlooms.

    [RvR Campaign]

    - Siege weapons will now decay once deployed and unused for a period of time. Using or towing a siege weapon should reset this time.
    - There can be no more than 2 GTAoE style siege weapons spawned per realm at any keep.

    - A siege weapon's owner can now reclaim the weapon when it is being towed.
    - Siege weapons can no longer be towed outside of RvR areas.
    - Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to deploy a ram if a keep was made safe.


    - Added cast times to the bomb/part dropoffs in Howling Gorge and Serpent's Passage

    -Added Khaine's Embrace scenario handler.

    Adressed Tickets

    - [6906] NPC: Rotting Greatsword - Fixed NPC faction
    - [6899] NPC: Blindwing - Removed duplicate spawn
    - [6896] NPC: Nurgling - Fixed NPC faction
    - [6893] Game Object: Unique Flask - Removed duplicate spawn
    - [6875] NPC: Aviden Mirithas - Fixed faction

    - [6943] Quest: Cold Hard Steel (dye quest) has been made repeatable.

    - [6938] RvR: Fixed an issue that prevented attackers from placing siege within an area that should have been acceptable
    - [6930] Scenarios: Howling Gorge will now bolster appropriately.

    - [6944] NPC: Nosebiter duplicated spawns removed.

    [Other Changes]

    - Corrected the endpoint code for pull abilities. Incidences of players being pulled to a single spot and being rendered unable to move should be reduced.

    - NPC: Fixed the faction of Rotting Masons.

    - Numerous quest conditions fixed/made possible.
    - Replaced worthless stats on many items to ones relevant to class (ongoing).
    - Deactivated the repeatable option on Wounded in Action quest.
    - Plugged Temple of Isha terrain exploit

    - Added a quest for Destruction akin to Order's 'The Mysterious M.B." achievement unlock quest; Da Stunty Mystery. It's given by Ryun Da Fawkz in the Inevitable City's Apex.
    - Cleaned up mob spawns around The Inevitable City's flight master, north of the Apex.
    - The Skullhorn Gors/Ungors, and Bloodpelt Gors/Ungors in The Inevitable City have been made neutral, and are now in a fighting stance with one another without claiming the Menacing Watcher between them for their own.
    Source: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/fo...p?f=42&t=15031

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