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    Par défaut [Patch] Changelog 30.03.2016

    Changelog 30.03.2016


    - Remove standard bearer works now with offline members.


    - Fixed a number of effects which had the wrong cleanse / shatter typing.

    [Public Quests]

    - Changed PQ loot score board to show people who where not in the top 24 to be place 24.
    - Disabled Steinbruck Manor PQ due to issues with other pve, set to farm mode for influence.
    - Disabled Mudflats PQ due to problems with it.
    - Disabled Kruegerhaus PQ as need a script to convert mobs and currently its too hard for a solo player to be able to do other PvE integrated in that PQ area.


    - Quest dialogues will display your character name and your career correct instead of <name> and <career>.

    [Vendors & Dyes]

    - The recipe for destroying textures on armor that was previously known as "badab" black has been lost, some say Sigmar smote it himself but the upshot is the newly discovered Order of the Gryphon Black has taken its place. Its a little more expensive but the quality that allows textures to remain isn't cheap.
    - Prices for vendor dyes have been adjusted to the rates they were sold at on live. This means the 2010 expansion dyes will be 2 gold per area dyed, and the vanilla dyes are 2-10 silver per area dyed.
    - The Slaanesh Pink dye has been lowered in price to 4 gold each.


    - Fixed an exploit that allowed people to access the T3 Order Keep, Wall of Qhyash from the hills south of it.

    [Other Changes]

    - Optimized the database by fixing some code which would generate and use a string primary key column for tables, even if they had primary keys defined. These strings were consuming a lot of memory and increasing load time.

    - A nefarious, yet impervious Goblin has been captured, and caged in the High Pass Order Warcamp.

    - Altered the armor types of the starter gear items so that they can be used for alternate appearance again.
    - All 2-hand flagged cloaks are now 1-hand, to be allowed to be used as appearance.
    - A ton of previously unassigned DoK chalices now got assigned to be DoK only, so they no longer show as extra rewards for Dark Elves in influence chapters.
    - Added correct dye colors to Order and Destruction Annihilator armors.
    - Changed Event Masks into pocket items. This change allows all characters to show the masks simply by equipping and then hiding the head slot. This allows a bypass of the appearance change restrictions which is now set to armor type and removes the need of creating multiples of the same item with different armor class.
    - Fixed several instances of item level being too low, causing incorrect salvaging results.

    [Addressed Tickets]

    - [4995] Crafting Item: "Rhya´s Fertile Loam" working now.
    - [4999] ToK: 'People Pop Up' and appropriate title unlock are now obtainable once again.
    - [5037] ToK: Final Rest... Again can now be obtained.
    - [4952] NPC: Added more Warcamp guards to Darf Elf chapter 6 camp.
    - [5012] NPC: Grufdok Dourfist is now placed at Norrikson's Excavation.
    - [5086] NPC: Rorrim Rotscale no longer has beef with a Blightsage Corrupter.
    - [5093] NPC: Arixxis the Scout is no longer an Invisi-dude.
    - [4889] Quest: Da Stick's Da Fing can now be fully completed.
    - [4976] Item: Qhaysh Grudgecoat is no longer 2 handed, and can be used for appearance.
    - [4935] Item: Ghrond's Xiphos now gives an appropriate level fragment upon salvaging.
    - [5026] Item: Defiant Book is now Warrior Priest only, and won't show up in empire chapter 5 influence rewards for other Empire classes.
    - [5003] Item: Calamitous Longrifle has been fixed to be a Handgun with appropriate stats.
    - [5073] Item(s):- Added great weapon item skills 2097154 to many 2 handed waraxes that were missing it.
    - [5089] Item: The Crimson Cloak is now appropriately Bind on Equip.
    - [5090] Item: Fixed a number of cloaks incorrectly flagged as two-handed.
    - [5084] Item: Fixed some Marauder items with incorrect stats.
    - [4988] Item: The Thickmuck Circlet now has the correct stats and number of talisman slots
    - [4545] Loot: Removed some items from loot groups that should not have been there.

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