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    Thumbs up Patch note du 21.02.2016

    Changelog from 21.03.2016 (a bit late :P ).


    - Fixed all postern doors.
    - Zone Locks in tier 2 and tier 3 will now show correctly on the map.


    - Picklock bypass defense works now.

    [Other Changes]

    - Clear title works now.
    - Dwarf and Greenskin Tier 3 epic quests are now functional. They start in C10 of their respective areas with Bruk for Destro for the quest Will of the Warboss and Chief Hallsteinn for Order for the quest Ancient Horror. Created 24 Helms using rare tier 3 appearances, 1 for each class as reward.
    - Fixed several chaos hammers to correct item skills 4 over 2 handed item skills in the database.
    - Fixed Quest Bashin' Bugmans chain (24205-24207)
    - Removed female model from Oathbearer Gunner (81) as it was wearing male only armor.
    - The Talabecland Destruction Flight Master has been changed from a Dragonoid subtype to an Orc, so he can no longer be butchered for scales or count towards the Dragon ToK unlocks.
    - High Pass Cemetary has now been fenced off with Magical walls to prevent people from punting their enemies out of the scenarios.
    - Ramps have been installed in the Battle for Praag 'cages' to prevent people from being stuck in them for the entire scenario when punted.
    - The rarity of Carnage and Havoc gear has been changed from purple to green, while the Mayhem and Ruin gear has been changed to blue. These items will remain salvagable, and will have their proper set bonuses applied to them in a future patch.


    - In the past we did not post he progress of PQ fixing. In future we will post the ones we fixed since this patch.

    - T3 Chaos PQs are now working.

    Mud flats: Done
    Steinbruck Manor: Done
    Suderheim: Done
    Army of Faith: Done (but a door doesn't work, pq cannot be finished by a normal player)
    Serpent's Fang Bandits: Done
    Knightly Riders: Done
    Village Vermin: Done
    Kruegerhaus: Done
    Bitterspring: Done
    High Pass:
    Guts Out: Done
    Keep of Asavar Kul: Done (but a door doesn't work, pq cannot be finished by a normal player)
    Tempest Horn: Done
    Temple of Heimkel: Done
    Beacon of Firengrom: Done
    Tower of the Elves: Done

    - T3 Empire PQs are now working.


    Wagon Defense: Done
    Witch Fire Glade: Done
    Bitterschaum Swamp: Done
    Unterbaum Cemetery: Done
    Unterbaum Castle: Done
    Meuselbach Farm: Done
    High Pass:
    The Grisly Herd: Done
    Echoes of War: Done
    Shrine of Tzeentch: Done
    Temple of Change: Done
    Lake of the Damned: Done
    Cult of the Magus: Done
    Chaos Ruins: Done
    Tomb of the Traitor: Done
    The Foetid Plains: Done

    [Addressed Tickets]

    - [4887] Item: Fixed appearance for "Thick Quilted Vestments".
    - [4919] NPC: Fixed multiple spawns for "Blogut the Foul".
    - [4935] Item: "Ghrond's Xiphos" is now salvageable.
    - [4888] Item(s): Removed unique equipped flag from several dual wield weapons
    - [4949] Item: Made Obliterator Carcass-Guard (430090) dyeable.
    - [4962] NPC: Removed template weapon from NPC.
    - [4955] Quest: Added RP reward.
    - [3812] Item(s): Changed model ID 3514 from 57 sets of SM boots and replaced with 6978 to solve a black bar conflict issue appearing on some SM chest pieces.
    - [4987] Item: Changed model id to same one that allows hair.
    - [4895] Item: Sentry Skully now has appearance.
    - [4930] ToK: Blackguard kills and appropriate title unlocks have been added.
    - [4916] Quest: Ignoble Weapons - You can now destroy siege weapon and complete quest.
    - [4884] Quest: Cannon Smasha - Changed Ironmane Cannon to NPC, They can now be killed and complete quest step.
    - [3791] NPC - Fixed 2 more noteworthy persons.
    - [4954] Loot: Removed several items from the loot tables that had no stats.
    - [4890] Items: You can now stack "Goblin Green Dye".

    Source: http://www.returnofreckoning.com/for...hp?f=2&t=12362
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